Hi Friends!

The business I’ve worked to create is all about connection, building a community and getting involved. I know that social media and blogs are a way to build on that. So, with every post and every blog I hope you will see the real me and gain a true understanding of the business I am creating.

A recent story I want to share was a conversation I had recently with a friend about the violent protest that took place in Charlottesville over taking down confederate monuments. When Trump spoke about this incident he referred to the ‘good people’ on both sides of the debate and the violence. My friend’s argument in defense of Trump was that along with neo-Nazis there were historians supporting the preservation of the monuments. I was shocked by this statement and completely disagreed. In my opinion if you are participating with this group then you are supporting them. You might not call yourself a racist, but you are not speaking out against racism.

When I brought this issue up with my Dad while home for Thanksgiving I thought he might criticize my friend but instead he asked me if I knew all of the history behind the creation of these monuments.  I have to admit I myself, a college graduate did not have all of this knowledge. They weren’t done immediately after the war but rather were erected in the late 1800s and early 1900s during the Jim Crow era. They were put up to symbolize white supremacy and to validate the Jim Crow laws. So, it wasn’t to remember the past but instead was meant to create a separate white society in the present and the future.

My friend is not a racist but was unaware of this perspective. It gave me a greater appreciation for an organization like Facing History, which we support. They bring so much value to our educational system, by helping students think critically and look at all sides of an argument before making judgments. This is vital in our society. We all need to look deeper into issues before making assumptions.

This conversation with my Dad lead me to change my focus on my blog topics. I am now going to write about issues such as this and then examine them deeper. I’ll probably encourage you to help me as well to think about different sides of each story. Looking forward to learning much more.


Thank you!