Amy Shamus is a mother of two boys, an event producer for a tech giant's largest marketing experiences (Google), a daughter, sister, wife + friend. In her free time you can catch her doing some sort of physical activity -- yoga, pilates, HIIT classes, running, hiking -- experimenting with ‘clean’ recipes in the kitchen or snuggling with her husband, kids + dog. She's a sucker for a great podcast... Her current rotation includes the Goop Podcast, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard + Conan Needs a Friend with Conan O’Brien. 


1. What does HumanKIND mean to you? HumanKIND is the universe. It's the collection of all things living and coexisting. It's thinking globally not locally. It's knowing that there is something so much bigger than ourselves.

2. How is giving back woven into your life? Because I am a working mom and hours are limited, I don't have as much time to volunteer as I'd like (although I did just join a group called The Nines which helps foster confidence/self-esteem in young girls by providing curated boxes of clothing/accessories for them). Thus, I try to weave giving back into my everyday life with small things. Recycling, composting, short showers, driving a partial electric car, taking the stairs rather than using the elevator, buying local produce, investing in brands with a conscious (like EG!), etc. I want to be as tender with the Earth and its resources as possible.

3. Who inspires you? A person you know + a person you don't. My children are my biggest inspiration. Watching them navigate the world is the best gift I have ever received. // I don't know Julia Louis-Dreyfus but man I wish I did. Think of it, this woman worked on a male dominated comedy series in the 90s and thrived. She then went on to star in her own series (and win Emmy's).  She's a cancer survivor. Mother of two boys. Partner to her husband of 30+ years. And now, President of the US (well, fictional but still...). She's a fighter, hardworking and constantly redefining what it means to be a comedian. I am in awe of her, truly.

4. What the world needs now is: Universal maternity/paternity leave.

5.  Rose-gold, white-gold, or yellow-gold? is 14k gold an option? :) Kidding (kind of). White-gold.