FRIDAY FIVE: Brooke Hagel

Brooke Hagel is a NYC based Fashion Illustrator whose commercial clients include Burberry, Cartier, Chanel, Gap, Ferragamo and Vogue.

A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, with a BFA in Fashion Design with an Art specialization, Brooke began her career as an intern in the wardrobe department of Sex and the City. After graduating, Brooke worked in product development for Hearst Magazines. Spending her days designing and styling product lines, Brooke realized something was missing from her career: sketching. She returned to her roots by opening "Brooklit," her Etsy shop, in tandem with her fashion illustration blog Fabulous Doodles. After four years in corporate America, Brooke began sketching full-time. She quickly built a versatile client list that ranged from Barbie, Brides, and Brooks Brothers to Harry Winston, LaMer, and Pierrier-Jouët.

Over the last decade, Brooke has illustrated over seventeen books and has collaborated with countless global brands. Brooke works from the Upper West Side of Manhattan and is inspired by stylish women she spots both on the streets of the city and on her travels around the globe.

Instagram: @brooklit


1. What does HumanKIND mean to you? Being a part of humanity...

2. How is giving back woven into your life? I try to be a conscious consumer. I also make an effort to regularly support causes I care about -- whether that means making an outright donation, supporting through my business or shopping... I try to attend fundraisers, marches or events as often as my work schedule permits.

3. Who inspires you? A person you know + a person you don't. My cousin Lauren started a charity based on a hardship in her immediate family. Her work started as a small, grassroots effort + simply exploded. Hilarity for Charity is a leading voice in the movement to raise awareness for early onset Alzheimer's. They provide much needed support + aide to caregivers. // Oprah... enough said.

4. What the world needs now is: peace, love + understanding.

5.  Rose-gold, white-gold, or yellow-gold? yellow. (I wear my yellow gold safety pin all the time...)