FRIDAY FIVE: Carla Brenner

Carla Brenner is the founder and president of Healthtech Women, a global non-profit that supports over 30,000 women using technology to change health globally. She specializes in corporate development + sales, having worked with leading pharma, medical device, + technology companies including Medicis (Valeant), McKesson, Salesforce (healthcare) + most recently Amazon (AWS) Healthcare.  

Carla earned an MBA from Arizona State University + a BS in Molecular Biology from Denver University. Based in San Francisco, she enjoys hiking + weight training.


Instagram: @carlabrenner1234


1. What does HumanKIND mean to you? Together, we can make the world an even better place.

2. How is giving back woven into your life? I believe that we can create the world we want to live in. As the founder of Healthtech Women, it’s imperative that we support our “chosen” community to unlock true potential + the greatest impact that we can have on this world. With Healthtech Women, we strive to support women working towards innovating the world of healthcare.  We do this through our speaker + mentorship opportunities along with our targeted programs.

Women across all aspects of healthcare are doing some incredible work! We want to make sure they are heard + have the support they need, so that together, we have the strength + power to make the difference we want to see.  

3. Who inspires you? A person you know + a person you don't. We haven’t met, but I have always admired Cindy Eckert, a powerhouse in pharma/health. I have always looked up to her as someone who has defied the odds in pharma. She has dominating the C- suite, holds multiple exits + still supports other women who are looking to raise funding.  We need more women like her with successes under their belt to support others trying to reach their goals!

4. What the world needs now is: compassion + true support from other women + colleagues to help us become our best selves.

5.  Rose-gold, white-gold, or yellow-gold? Rose-gold is on point!