FRIDAY FIVE: Caroline Zwickson

Caroline Zwickson is a Certified Women’s Health + Life Coach + the creator of the Well Mama program.

She is a passionate mother who supports fellow moms in creating holistic + thriving health as they rediscover their identity as a woman + mother. Her focus is to help clients create optimal hormonal balance + discover true emotional well-being through functional nutrition, positive psychology, transformative life coaching tools, + lifestyle adjustments. With Caroline’s expertise + dedication, her clients discover what it truly means to flourish in motherhood + in life physically, emotionally + spiritually.

Caroline currently lives with her husband + two sons in San Francisco. You can download her FREE guide "Reclaiming the woman behind the mother."

Instagram: @carozwickson


1. What does HumanKIND mean to you? What I love about the word "humanKIND" is that it makes me stop + think... It really makes our "differences," like race, religion, gender, sexual orientation -- very small + meaningless, + in turn, sheds light on how all the commonalities far outweigh all the differences...  

2. How is giving back woven into your life? Haha, I'm a mom -- when am I not giving back?! In all seriousness though, as a women's health + life coach, my role has been to help people slow down, (re)discover themselves + create beautiful livinges that feel aligned, whole + right for them... My work works on a soul level by bring people -- and women specifically -- back home to themselves... I love giving back in this way... I have been so fortunate to be on the receiving end of incredible mentors, guides + teachers who have supported me in times when I felt lost. Giving (back) is the best way to receive. It always goes full circle. You get what you give. We are all connected...

3. Who inspires you? A person you know + a person you don't. My sons, Felix + Hendrix, really inspire me these days. At not even four + two years old, they are so strong willed, wild + their curiosity knows no end. Kids are naturally curious + open + interested... I wonder how it is possible that so many people in our world are walking around so shut down, disinterested, fearful of doing the wrong thing, self-critical, complacent, willing to look the other way... At what age do we teach kids not to ask questions, to not have a voice, to not believe in themselves + their value? My kids inspire me to look at all people... // Louise Hay because I love her writings on how our beliefs create our reality. I wish I could experience her presence.

4. What the world needs now is: to slow down.

5.  Rose-gold, white-gold, or yellow-gold? Tough one, but I think yellow gold to go with my other jewelry.