FRIDAY FIVE: Dawn Wilcox

Dawn Wilcox is vice president of Corporate Partnerships at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. In this role, she oversees a team of 14 who manage the day-to-day activities of more than 150 corporate partners, Hollywood Cares for Kids and All Stars for Kids (uniting the entertainment and sports industry in support of CHLA).  She creates and manages consumer engagement, cause marketing, corporate philanthropy and employee volunteer programs including Companies for Kids and the successful annual Make March Matter campaign which has raised millions of dollars for CHLA since it launched in 2016.

Dawn is an award-winning public relations and marketing professional with more than 23 years of cause marketing, client and corporate relations, social impact and leadership experience. She came to CHLA after eight and a half years at Allison+Partners, a global public relations agency where she ran the Los Angeles office and served as managing director of the Social Impact Practice. 

Instagram: @dawnmwilcox


  1. What does "humanKIND" mean to you? To me it means being REAL. Not trying to be who you think someone else wants you to be, but being YOU. When we are our authentic selves we are better friends, better daughters, better sisters, better moms, better colleagues.  Being real means you aren’t embarrassed when something is painful, or makes you sad and that allows others to be real back to you.  That’s humanKIND.  We are after all just a bunch of people walking around this planet, living our lives, creating experiences, making memories and hopefully also trying to make this world a better place.  For ALL humanKIND.


  1. How is giving back woven into your life? From a young age I was taught to give back – to friends, family, the community, our church.We didn’t have very much at all growing up, yet my parents showed what it mean to “give back” – it meant providing a hot meal for a family in crisis, babysitting someone’s children so they could have dinner with their spouse, cleaning someone’s house because they weren’t physically capable.  And that led me to a career path that has always in some way helped the underserved, the under-represented, the forgotten.  For the past 24 years I’ve worked with hundreds of charities and other NGO-organizations to hone their message, target the right audiences, build capacity, increase fundraising and created meaningful strategic plans so that more people can be helped.  It’s always been what’s mattered to me.  And now as I focus on fundraising for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles it’s even clearer to me the importance of giving back. I’ve seen the faces of children in pain, families in need and know how important a place like CHLA is for them. I also recently joined the Board of St. Anne’s because I was so moved by their work in providing for young women who are pregnant and/or parenting and struggling to get their life on track.


  1. Who inspires you - a person you know + a person you don't?  Bobbie Gerson – she’s the mom of a little girl named Sara. I first met her a few years ago.  Our daughters went to the same school and then I learned that Sara was a frequent patient at CHLA.  Sara is now homeschooled because of her illness and I know that even in spite of all the challenges Bobbie faces because of her daughter’s illness, she lives such a selfless life.  I see her – especially as a mom of a little girl – and she inspires me to keep doing the work that I do – to raise money and help find cures for children like Sara. // Jane Pauley. I grew up wanting to be a broadcast journalist and I really admired Jane Pauley. I even wrote her a letter when I was in high school – and she wrote back!  She inspires me with her storytelling and how she engages with those she’s interviewing. She makes people feel comfortable in wanting to share – and she asks such great questions.


  1. What the world needs now is: KINDNESS.


  1. Rose-gold, white-gold or yellow-gold? ROSE-GOLD, definitely.