FRIDAY FIVE: Lindsay Newton-Lipkin


Lindsay Newton-Lipkin is the founder + editor-in-chief of "A Dash of Pretty." Her blog explores all things girly... Sharing the scoop on everything from savings + splurges to superfoods, sofas + skincare. Lindsay is a mom of three, a shopaholic, a wine lover + an organization addict. Her blog was inspired by her philosophy on life... when things aren't perfect -- just add a dash of pretty.

Instagram: @dashofprettyblog


1. What does HumanKIND mean to you? Humankind means more than humanity to me. It’s means humans being kind. Yes, that reads very basic, but hear me out. We are a rare species that have the distinctly unique ability to show kindness through our words and our actions. Being kind is something l, as humans, that we all have the capability of and should strive to do as much as possible.

2. How is giving back woven into your life? Giving back is something I’ve tried to do since I was a child. My parents have always felt very strongly about this and take every opportunity to do so that they can. I’m lucky to have had these examples in my life, who supported my wildest charitable ideas (in high school my best friend and I ran a charitable week to spread happiness!). I volunteered at an animal shelter starting at twelve and have tried to volunteer as much as possible through my life since.

Life gets busy as a mom and stepping into a volunteer roll can be hard to do but I make it a point to donate financially to causes I believe in as frequently as possible. I also try to gift in a charitable way to family and friends as well as make purchases that have charitable effects.

I try to make it a habit to do one good deed a day, whether it be moving my neighbor’s trash cans down or dropping off supplies at our local animal shelter. I want my children to learn to incorporate these daily actions, no matter how small or large so that they can always put kind actions out into the world. Trust me, it isn’t always easy to do, but it feels rewarding every time.

3. Who inspires you? A person you know + a person you don't. I’m so inspired by my best friend from college. So many little things in my daily life were things that she taught me - from my favorite chopped salad and dressing recipe to knowing how to properly apply eye liner. She can listen without judgment and give very honest feedback without being judgmental. She’s been through some really, really hard things and shows so much grace in it all. I don’t tell her how much Inspiration I get from her strength enough, but someone who can show empathy and love to everyone around them while they are struggling is a true hero to me. // My other inspiration is Jessica Alba. Who doesn’t love Jessica Alba?? I’ve always had a total fangirl crush on her. But her ability to be a working mother who is seeking to find cleaner and healthier solutions in our daily lives is something that I find so awe-inspiring, especially as a mom. She also does not hide the fact that it is straight up hard to balance life as a working mother and that is refreshing and important to acknowledge.

4. What the world needs now is: LOVE (sweet love.). We are living in a world where there is hate and sadness around us on a daily basis. The only way to stomp out hate and sadness is with love and kindness. It seems so simple because it truly is. We need to love each other and our planet as much as possible. Love spreads love.

5.  Rose-gold, white-gold, or yellow-gold? Yellow-gold!