WOMEN SUPPORTING WOMEN by Lindsay Newton-Lipkin

As a blogger and social media user in our current world, I frequently encounter so much negativity and animosity between women.  It happens in many forms, both online and off. Websites that allow and facilitate women to bash other women with an online presence whom they have never met in vicious threads.  It happens in direct messages and comments left on social media posts.  It happens in whispered conversations between friends.  And it needs to stop. 


We live in a country in which women have freedoms that are unheard of in many other countries.  Instead of celebrating our ability to openly speak our minds, exercise our rights and vote for what we feel is right, we all too often spend our precious time bringing one another down.  As women, we need to support other women, both at home and around the world.  It can be as simple of an act as making a purchase from a female-owned small business, or leaving a kind note on a strangers Instagram.  We are the examples for future generations, and we cannot hope for them to build each other up if we cannot do the same ourselves.  Let’s put the negativity aside and start cheering each other on!  Let’s treat each other with respect and kindness - always.  We have the right and the freedom to support each other – so let’s exercise that right! 


As women, we can and should be the biggest supporters of one another.  It is crucial that we support and lift each other up so that our voices can continue to be heard.  By supporting other women, we are setting a precedent for other societies to do the same, thereby helping to support women around the world through our supportive actions.


I challenge you to perform one act today that helps to support another woman in some way; no matter how small of an act it may seem.  One small act of support each day can cause a ripple effect of support and positivity and help change our world for the better.


  • Lindsay


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