Women Supporting Women

I think now more than ever we see women sticking up for each other and actually supporting one another, but that is not always the case. This was for sure not the case in the past. Seeing women competing and tearing each other down was something that was seen everywhere, from TV shows to movies to our own experiences. In my personal experiences, sometimes our first instincts are to look at other women as competition, but growing older I started to realize the flaws in that instinct. I do not know where that view came from; I just know that there have definitely been moments where I felt it, but I also know how it feels to be supported by another woman and to support someone else.

These are moments where I did not feel as though another women was competition or that she was looking to ‘beat’ me, but rather looking to support me. There is something truly special when a woman sees your abilities and helps push you to your full potential instead of creating doubt. For me it gives me that extra boost of confidence that sometimes I need when I am putting myself out there, trying something new, and it pushes me to work even harder and to push myself further because I know I have someone who believed in me. When women support other women doors are opened and opportunities are made.

 We are living in a time where women supporting each other is vital. Soon, hopefully, girls will never experience those initial thoughts of competition and immediately see the potential inside each other and the potential inside themselves. This all starts now, with our actions. If all women made it a point to support each other, we would see that change in the world.