1. I have not received a confirmation email. Was my order placed?

If you did not receive an Order Confirmation email within a few minutes of placing your order, it is possible that your order was not completed or that the information you entered was invalid. Please contact team@shopequalitygoods.com (subj: confirmation) and we will straighten it out.

2. I have not received my order. What should I do?

Upon ordering, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Once your order has been fulfilled, you will receive a follow-up email that contains your USPS tracking information. Should you need further assistance locating your order, please email info@shopequalitygoods.com (subj: tracking.)

3. My order has been returned to Equality Goods. What should I do?

Undeliverable orders may be caused by customer error and/or an improperly entered address. A mistake like this will require re-shipment. Eq will re-ship your order at no additional cost to you, only after the original has been returned to our HQ.

3. Does your packaging include an explanation of Equality Goods' mission?

Yes! Our bracelets come mounted on high-quality, recycled card stock that explains the mission of our company and contains information on our charity beneficiaries.

4. Can my bracelet go in the water?

Your bracelet can go in the water, but we do not recommend it.

5. It says my item is "pre-ordered", what does that mean?

Our bracelets are made in limited quantities and we want to get you your item as soon as possible. Pre-ordering ensures you will get your merchandise in the next product drop. Quantities are shipped in numerical order -- first order, first ship -- basis. Solid gold bracelets are available in limited, numbered drops and are exclusively available by pre-order.